Tennis is an international sport with origins dating back to the 12th century. Not only is it something that has evolved and broken socio-economic barriers as a game that is not simply for the upper echelon but for all those who wish to try it, but tennis has also proven to be a sport that requires great skill, precision and coaching.

Not only are there several surfaces to play this game on, including grass, clay and hardcourt, there are various ways to engage in this sport. One way to do so is to play individually against an opponent. This type of play has been deemed “singles”. Now if one is playing with a partner, this is known as “doubles”. If particularly fond of being at the net, doubles may be something an individual is more fond of than singles because there is usually more net time in this type of play.

Scoring is particularly unique as instead of starting off a game at “zero-zero”, prior to initially hitting the ball, the server states the score by saying, “love-love”. After this, one should note that one is equivalent to “fifteen”, two is equivalent to “thirty” and that three is equivalent to “forty”. If a singles player or a doubles team reaches four points, then it is “game” and this team wins. However, if one team or the other ends up catching up, there is a tie when both teams are at three points; this is called “deuce”. Depending on however one is playing the game at the time, there may or may not be an “advantage”. If there is not, whoever wins next the point at this time wins the game. Traditionally, two sets of six games each are played but there may be a third depending on whether or not one team wins both sets or if it is split.

Aside from scoring, tennis is an extremely interesting game to watch, but even more exciting to play. Skilled technique, agility, speed and ability to react quickly are only a few of the characteristics required of a player who wants to succeed and win. This sport involves different types of spin – top spin and back spin – that are combined with massive amounts of speed and force by powerhouse players such as Serena and Venus Williams, Karolina Pliskova, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.

Even returning a serve from one of the aforementioned individuals would be hard for the normal tennis player to do as these are some of the top ranked players in the world who have won countless Grand Slam Titles. They have worked their entire lives and known the importance of reacting quickly and staying on their feet as their opponent quickly calculates where to strike next. Tennis is certainly a game that will never grow old, tired nor ever go out of style. The competition itself will ensure it is here to stay!

Ice Skating

Ice Skating

The sport of ice skating is popular around the world, especially during the winter time. The indoor rink has made ice skating year-round a possibility, while many seasonal rinks will be implemented outdoors during the cooler months of the year. This winter sport has also established a name in Olympic sports. Many countries send athletes to the Olympics to compete in figure skating, ice dancing, speed skating and ice hockey.

The most important piece of equipment needed for ice skating is, of course, the skates. There are different types for the various kinds of skating, but all include shoes that provide strong support for the ankles. Ice skates usually have a single metal blade and will allow one to glide smoothly over an icy surface or frozen body of water such as a lake or pond.

Of course, frozen bodies of water also represent significant danger if one is not properly trained to recognize whether or not it is fully frozen. Often it requires many consecutive days of very cold temperatures to completely freeze a large lake or other body of water.

Natural bodies of water such as lakes and ponds used to be the only way to enjoy ice skating. Of course this meant that you could only skate in places where the temperature dropped below the freezing level for extended periods. But in the late 1870s, an indoor refrigerated ice rink was created in London, starting a new trend that immediately became popular all over the world. Since, many more rinks have popped up everywhere, and the development of the Zamboni machine for better ice maintenance has made indoor skating more feasible.

Many figure skaters have mastered complex techniques including spins and jumps. This makes skating more interesting and fun while still providing good exercise. While this sport is more difficult to learn than some, those who to learn it find that it is fun to enjoy either alone or with a group of friends.

Some areas of the world are more involved in the art and sport of ice skating than others are. In many places, ice skating is a part of the culture. Despite the availability of indoor rinks, people who live in colder climates still tend to appreciate ice skating and other winter sports more than those in warmer climates. There are some cities in which ice skating still serves as a mode of transportation. Certainly it’s more practical than walking if there’s ice in the streets! In Scandinavian countries almost everyone knows how to ice skate. It has long been a part of their culture and many people skate almost daily.

The holiday season is also synonymous with the sport of ice skating. It is a form of entertainment that many enjoy partaking in with friends and family. Outdoor rinks in areas decorated for the holidays, with music and Christmas shopping going on around you, can be especially festive. During the holidays you can find many places that hold entire outdoor fairs on ice, including hot cocoa and other toasty treats, games and a lot of holiday spirit.

Sport Climbing

Sport Climbing

Sports climbing, or sports rock climbing is a climbing sport that uses permanent anchors that are fixed into the rock. Climbers can use the anchors and supports for protection and assistance in getting up the cliff face. The use of this protection allows the climbers to fully concentrate on getting up the mountain without having to worry about the dangers of falling.

In-Depth Information on Sport Climbing

There are many important terms used in sports climbing. This section is going to be an in-depth look at them. The first set of terms and words to look at describing the different pieces of equipment used in sports climbing.

First up is dynamic rope. Dynamic rope is a special kind of rope that is constructed to be stretchable. Because it can stretch it is very different from a static rope which has no give. Because it can stretch dynamic rope is much better at handling extreme stresses and it will lessen the likelihood of failure.

Another unique piece of equipment for sports climbing is a quickdraw. The quickdraw is used by climbers to attach their climbing rope to the bolt anchors and other protection while climbing. A quickdraw has two carabiners connected by a loop of webbing. The webbing is usually less than a foot in length. Some climbers manufacture their own quickdraws but there are pre-made ones as well. They come in many different sizes and styles to fit different climbing harnesses and ropes.

While not unique to sports climbing, a belay device is used frequently. A belay device is used as a mechanical break to control the belay rope. The main purpose is to lock off the rope without any effort. There are many alternative kinds of delays out there each with their own specialization. It depends on the what the specific needs of the climber are to what belay they will get.

A climbing harness works with a belay to anchor the sports climber in. It’s mainly a belt with two loops around the legs that you can attach quick draws and belays to anchor yourself to the cliff face. In addition to the basic sit string harness, there is a chest harness and a full body harness. These both offer more attachments and more support. Sometimes used in climbing they are more commonly seen used in rescue situations.

After that, a climber needs runners, a helmet, climbing shoes and a chalk bag. A sling is used to hold equipment and sometimes to attach to rocks. A helmet and shoes are pretty obvious in their use, and chalk is used to keep the hands dry for climbing.



Basketball is one of only a few sports where the women have grown at the same rate as the men. Originally it was invented in America but has spread to an international sport with a host of countries having quality players.Basketball consists of two teams of five players, each team trying to outscore each other by throwing the ball through the opposition’s basket from above.

Basically, you have to score more points than your opponents while trying to stop your opponents from scoring in the other basket.You score two points for a successful throw or three points if the throw is from behind the three throw arc. The measurement from the basket to the arc is 6.25 meters in international games but in NBA games this increases to 7.24 meters. At any point during the game, a team can make up to seven substitutions but only when the play is stopped.

The match is played in four quarters each lasting 10 minutes internationally and 12 minutes for NBA. At half time 15 minutes are allowed for a break and 2 minutes for the other breaks. Basketball has quite a large fan base because of its action and sometimes heated arguments on court adds to the excitement.

The person with the ball on the court can not move both feet unless dribbling and must keep his hand on top of the ball when dribbling. The ball has to stay in court for the game to continue, if the ball goes out of court then the team with possession before the ball went out of court loses possession.

Basketball is a team game and with this in mind generally the really good teams are not just good individually but good as a team,each member relies on the others to perform well and everybody knows what they should be doing or who they should be marking.You should always be looking for the pass rather than the spectacular shot.

Many people believe that you are born with the ability to jump high but this is not true. A vertical jump is the distance is the difference between your standing reach and the measurement when you jump from a flat-footed start. The average vertical jump of a professional NBA player is between 28 to 34 inches. Exercises are good for increasing the ability to jump higher; some of these include step-ups, squats, and lunges. These exercises can be done in a controlled manner which increases the muscles in the legs, knees, and hips.

Step-ups are usually done with the use of dumbbells and a box or bench. The idea is to stand upright with a dumbbell in each hand, and onto the box and then step back down. The box or bench should be high enough so your leg bends to 90 degrees. You should do this about 10 to 15 times for each leg and then repeat on the other leg. If you regularly perform different exercises you will increase your muscles which in turn will improve your vertical jump

Lunges are sometimes done with either dumbbells or a bar across your upper back.
You stand in an upright position and step forward as far as you can, keeping your back straight and upright at all times. Aim to get your leg bent at an angle of 90 degrees and return to the standing position. Do this 10 to 15 times again with one leg and then change legs and repeat.

Squats are quite hard but are among the best exercises to do for athletes and also is the most dangerous if not performed right. Stand with the bar on your shoulders not on your neck. Stand straight with your knees directly above your feet.



Skiing is a popular winter sport and there are many different types of skiing. These different types of skiing activities require the use of different kinds of skis. These skiing activities can be easily categorized into two main types, the downhill, and the cross-country types. Here are a few of the more popular skiing types where snow skis are used:

– Alpine Skiing. This kind of skiing has evolved a lot through the years and is the downhill type of skiing where skiers can employ acrobatics and other tricks like jumps, rails, jibs, and such. This type of snow skiing keeps on evolving with skiers trying more daring stunts and jumps. Alpine Freestyle emerged in the 1960s and has evolved into what is called Hotdogging. This then developed into what is called Freestyle or Newschool in the later part of the 1990s and then into Freeride Skiing. Snow skis also evolved with the sport to help the people who indulge in these variations to perform their tricks, jumps and turns better and with greater ease.

– Nordic or Cross-country Skiing. This kind of skiing is actually the oldest skiing type around and is the skiing type that most people indulge in. Developed in Scandinavia, it was first used as a way for people to travel around in the winter and not like a sport or a recreational activity. This kind of skiing involves going up, down, or moving around on a flat snowy surface to get to where you want to go. The sport and race type of this kind of skiing actually makes use of all three terrain types equally with racers going on uphill, downhill and on flat surface routes in cross country racing. This type of skiing also requires a different pair of snow skis as compared to those used for alpine skiing.

Snow Skis for Different Various Skiing Activities

There are a variety of different kinds of skis that are to be used when engaging in this sport. Here are the more popular snow skis that skiers have been using up and down the slopes:

– Alpine Skis. These snow skis first began their evolution as a couple of plain wood planks that slowly developed into sophisticated and aerodynamic tools for speeding down a snowy mountain. There are a variety of alpine ski designs to choose from and these are often designed to be used specifically for particular variations of this sport.

– Twin Tip Skis. This type is the one you see with upturned ends. These are the snow skis that are usually used for aerial acrobatics and other stunts.

– Telemark Skis. Telemark skis are used for downhill skiing or touring. This ski has bindings that are only attached at the toe.

– Cross-country Skis. Cross-country skis are lighter and narrower than the other ski types since these have to be used on different kinds of terrain. Bindings for cross-country skis may vary from other snow skis. There is cross-country skiing with three binding systems and some have the single toe-binding design used in Telemark skis.



Golf is an exciting game to play, which is why more and more individuals find themselves learning how to play it. If you are one of the individuals who struggles to understand and level up in the golf sport, here are ways to, effectively, teach yourself to play and enjoy the game.

Read Golf Books

One of the things you can do to learn to play golf is by reading the instructional books. This type of book basically includes a detailed explanation of the rules, as well as, discuss some techniques that help players play better than their competitors. Amazon has a long list of golf learning books available in both hardcover and Kindle editions, authored by professional golfers themselves who are generous enough to share all of their strategies in a book. You can also visit bookstores in your area for these materials.

Visit Golf Websites

If you like free golf tutorials, you can find most of them online in the form of a website. Most golf enthusiasts maintain their own blog or website discussing and sharing things about their favorite sport. Golfing Valley for instance, shares a lot of things about golf that can help a beginner improve his understanding and skill.

Another type of golf website is the forums where members exchange experiences and share tips and tricks about the sport. This is one of the most useful tools you can use whenever you have some questions which answers couldn’t be found for from the existing resources you have. You can simply fire up a new thread about it and wait for other generous members to offer you an answer.

Watch Instructional Videos

Some people learn things effectively by action. If you are one of these individuals, then watching instructional videos about golf would be perfect for you. Don’t worry about paying or finding these videos as plenty of them are already on YouTube and other video sharing websites. All you have to do is to search the topic you want to learn about the sport. For instance, if you wish to have a swing like Rory McIlroy’s, there are users that have videos about it on their YouTube channels.

Watch Golf Tournaments

You can also follow every golf tournament on TV like how the basketball fans are so crazy about watching every game of NBA championships. Besides the excitement, watching tournaments is among of the great ways to pick up techniques from the pros, like Tiger Woods. This can happen during their plays, so pay attention while they are working on their shots. Or, when they are interviewed, so listen carefully to their commentaries.

Accompany Your Friends

How would you like seeing other people play golf in person? When you accompany your friends to a golf session, you could, as a beginner, realize a lot of things, including how exactly the sport is played with a considerably heavy club and a golf ball, how far it is that you need to hit the ball, and the exact posture your body needs to be in order to swing with accuracy. And you could ask questions to your friends right then and there.

Rent Golf Clubs and Practice

Of course, it is not enough to, just, read the books, visit websites, watch instructional videos, catch tournaments on TV for pro-tips and accompany your friends to a golf vacation. You need to put everything that you’ve learned into action by playing a practice game. Don’t worry if you don’t own a club already because there are golf shops leading clubs to individuals who can’t buy their own just yet. And this is also a perfect way to find clubs that fit the measurements and skill that you may have. Practice makes perfect, and it’s true. But the more important thing is that practice makes the things you’ve learned, permanently stored in yourself. Don’t forget to bring a golf buddy with you, so you have someone to correct you while you play. Also, practice as often as you can, and don’t forget to, always, challenge yourself by shifting to different courses and advancing your skills once you are done with the basics.



Handball or team handball is an interesting game and is greatly played and liked by people all over the world. It is also known as the Olympic handball and is usually an indoor game although outdoor variants of the game are also been played. It is an amazing kind of team sport which is quite different from the other kinds of handball.

Two teams are required to play a game of handball which necessarily should have seven players each in both the teams. The ball is passed between the players and the scoring point depends on when the player of one team throws the ball into the goal of the other team and making the goals keeps up the score. By tallying the goals of both the teams at the end of the two 30-minute plays, the winner is declared at the end of the play.

The game of handball is indeed quick and swift and one among the features of this game is that it actually allows body contact between the players but it comes with certain restrictions and rules. The rules during body contact are that it should only take place when the offensive player undergoes ‘player sandwich’ and finds the defensive player right in front of him/her.

The game also does not approve of various other body contacts which are not mentioned in the game of the play and these mainly include the contacts from the back or from the side and thus such body contacts can lead to penalties being awarded to the player who actually did it. A game of handball includes a limitless number of faults unlike a game of basketball which allows only five fouls per game. The number of faults in handball usually gives a positive outlook on the attacking team’s tempo.

In a game of handball, almost all the times both the teams usually score more than twenty goals. Scoring more than thirty is also not uncommon. But, scoring was a huge problem in the initial stages of the game and the scorings were quite identical to ice hockey matches. After, the offensive play was improved in the 1980s; an increase in the scoring was noticed in the matches.

Even though, records have been found in the Middle Ages that there were games which were similar to handball in the medieval France, yet today’s game of handball was created to the end of 19th century by a Danish gym teacher who was the foremost person to make up the rules for the game in around 1898 and published the same in 1906. An international game of handball was officially played in 1925 between Germany and Belgium in the men’s category.

Handball is played between two teams of seven players each wherein in a team six are field players and one is the goalkeeper who defends the goal of his own team. Mostly the game is played in two parts of thirty minutes each and two referees are actually needed for the game. Free throws are one form of penalties and severe punishments are also given to those players who do not abide by the rules.

Handball is the games which is liked by people all over the world and is enjoyed equally by the viewers and players and definitely inculcates sportsmanship amongst the players.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis

Also known as ping-pong, Table tennis is an indoor game that is played by two or sometimes four players that hit a very small, light ball back and forth using paddles. The surface used for playing the game is usually raised to the height of a normal table and is made of wood. A net divides the table into two sides and these depict the different sides where the two players or four in instances of doubles match, play from. The game is played in the Olympics and is also played all over the world having different competitions.

An ideal table tennis setting should be measured to perfection. The playing table should be 72cm from the ground. It must have a width of 152.5cm and the ideal length is 274cm. The table tennis playing racket is wood-made but with a rubber covering on the surface that hits the light ball. All these are among the specifications that a professional match should adhere to, and there are also other technical rules and regulations governing the sport. Some of these can be best understood if you choose to enlist in the help of a ping pong instructional DVD as it has elaborate details on the aspects relating to the sport.

To master table tennis, playing skills and tips are better learned and put into use. For instance, the game is started by a server. Should your opponent fail to correctly return or toss the ball back to your side of the netting, you are awarded a point. The ball should be hit in such a way that it should bounce twice, once on your side of the netting and the other in the other player’s side.

If the ball being served hits the net but proceeds to the other half, it is called a net in or let. This necessitates that the server is repeated. However if the ball hits the net and remains in the half of the server, it is a lost serve and the opponent is then given the chance to serve.

For you to get a score, the opponent has to fault in the return of your serve or return. Faulting could mean any of the following; hitting the ball more than once, letting the ball bounce two times or even more on one side of the netting, among many other faults, which can be learned from getting yourself a table tennis DVD. This game requires intelligence as well as physical stamina.



Volleyball is a fantastic sport that completely entices people all around the world and hence the game is a renowned Olympic sport. It is played with six players of two teams wherein they play from either side of a net which is in-between them. The ruling system of this game is quite enormous and the prime part of the game is that the teams get to score against each other by grounding the ball on the opposite team’s court, wherein the other rules of the game are met.

The rules governing the game are quite enormous and vast. Usually, the game starts when one of the players of a team starts the serve of the ball across the net to the other team and the player should do his serving from the back of the boundary line. The receiving team should be extremely careful not to ground the ball and they also have the chance for three consecutive touches on the ball which is called the attack mode and thus the strategy of the team’s play would be to serve the ball in such a way that the other team cannot avoid the ball to be grounded off.

Two scenarios are possible when a team starts off with the rallying of the game. The team can win the rally if they manage to ground the ball on the opposite team’s court. The next possibility is that they lose the rally by producing a fault.

The earning of points in the game depend on who wins the rally and that team also gets to start the next rally. Faults mainly include the double hits when the same player touches the ball twice in a row, the ball touching the net while playing, or the ball being grounded out of the boundary line. One of the major faults also occurs when the teammates of a team touch the ball four times consecutively.

The playing of the game takes place in an unusual fashion wherein the ball is touched by the arms and hands and also short contact of the ball with the other parts of the body is also allowed. Several techniques have emerged in the volleyball game in the present times which are spiking and blocking.

At first, volleyball was demonstrated in the Olympic Games of 1924 at Paris under the American sports demonstration event. The game was finally included in the 1964 Summer Olympics.

While playing the game, the players are bound to have certain skills which are to serve, set, pass, attack, block and dig. Most of these skills can be developed by the players due to proper coaching and training.

Volleyball coaching occurs at two levels mainly called as the match coaching and the developmental coaching. Volleyball actually enjoys a unique position amongst other games for being one of the most craved for and preferable games in the world.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

Playing a game is always fun until you continue to enjoy it in true sport guidance spirit. Ice hockey is no different. The manipulations on the ice rink and the excitement of scoring goals are among the best ways to keep the body healthy and provide an outburst for the accumulated stress. Ice hockey is played in an indoor stadium set up, due to the thick ice rink involved. However, the game is equally popular across categories of people including children, as well as adults. The core purpose of a sports guidance of ice hockey is to ensure that your team scores the maximum number of goals before the opponent does. The highest scorer is then, declared the winner.

However, the game is not as simple as it appears. There are a series of rules involved that govern the proceedings of a single game of ice hockey. Those who are playing the game at an informal level need not have an in-depth understanding of the game but you still need to know the basics to put up a commendable show and enjoy the game as well.

So, for all you beginners out there, here is a guide to help you understand how to play a game of ice hockey.

1. For starters understand the rink

The ice rink is divided into two parts. One is reserved for the home team and the other is for the opponents. Each of these parts will have a goal area and a goalie to prevent the opponent from scoring a goal. Be clear about understanding the rink and its demarcations for your team to avoid getting penalties from the referee.

2. Buy reliable hockey gear

As you gradually become a fan of the ice hockey session, you will automatically be tempted to invest in good quality hockey gear. Before you make any purchase, ensure that you do proper quality check, therefore, buying reliable stuff only. After all, this hockey gear is going to be your sole equipment when you step into the ice hockey rink.

3. Compete but within limits!

A healthy interaction with your opponents is all a part of the game strategy in ice hockey. However don’t go overboard during the game as this could mean the opposing team getting a penalty and you losing a precious point for your team.

4. Decide the game plan

Yes! This is one among the most important steps. Usually, before the game, the captain will have a set of strategies ready including the position of the players in various situations. Understand the strategy in-depth while you are present in the green room. Once you step onto the ice, the game isn’t going to give you a chance for peaceful listening.

Lastly, the best way to play ice hockey is to enjoy the sport. Make the most of your time on the ice by exhibiting healthy competition as you forget differences to bond with your co-players. At the end of the day, ice hockey is less about expertise and more about a bunch of people playing a good game with true team spirit.